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"Nice To Meet You" at ACAC
The Atlanta Contemporary Art Center's exhibition of "Nice to Meet You" combines the works of Tony Labat and Tad Savinar, two influential West Coast conceptualists - working out of San Francisco and Portland respectively. Both explore the personal and the socio-political in drawing, sculpture, video, printmaking, and performance.
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Alix Pearlstein at ACAC
Commissioned by the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, Alix Pearlstein's video installation was shot in the very surroundings in which it was to be shown. This would be the first time in her career that Pearlstein would use exterior locations and an entirely different set of actors and crew. In her production notes, Pearlstein stated her intention to “trouble the affective space between the actor, viewer, and the site.”
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Andy Moon Wilson at Get This!
Get This! Gallery of Atlanta presents the solo exhibition "10 x 10" by Andy Moon Wilson. According to Andy Moon Wilson, his 10 x 10 drawings appear to be flashes of something bright and glorious, possibly a mirage that confounds all manners of approach.
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Aqua12 at The Aqua Hotel
A sneak peak inside the Aqua art fair at The Aqua Hotel in 2012.
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Denver Botanic Gardens
Butterfield Exhibit
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Fallen Fruit of Atlanta
Fallen Fruit is the Los Angeles-based collaborative team of David Burns and Austin Young, whose various projects use fruit as a filter to examine distinct places and histories, issues of representation and ownership, and address questions of public versus private space. ACAC commissioned the artists to develop their first exhibition addressing a Southern context.
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Get This! at Aqua Art Miami
Get This! Gallery exhibited at Aqua Art Miami, December 5 - 9 in 2012. Artists featured included: Dawn Black, Ben Venom, Ben Roosevelt, Andy Moon Wilson, Jill Storthz, Tommy Nease, and Veronica De Jesus.
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Get This! Gallery, IN UNISON
Exhibited January 5, 2013 - February 16, 2013 at Atlanta, GA's Get This! Gallery. IN UNISON celebrates a diverse group of artists who explore color, movement, line, and sound through drawings, paintings, photographs, sculpture, and audio works.
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Get This! Gallery, Tommy Nease
Atlanta's Get This! Gallery is pleased to present the solo exhibition, "Phantasm" by photographer Tommy Nease. This is the first show by the artist with Get This! Gallery.
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Laurel Nakadate at ACAC
The Atlanta Contemporary Art Center presented the exhibit "Laurel Nakadate: Photographs, Videos, and Performances" in late 2012.
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Matthew White - Hideous Night
A deeper look look at a work by emerging artist Matthew White - "Hideous Night of the Right Angle Plug."
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Miami Art Fairs 2014
Tour of major art fairs in the Miami area during Art Basel Miami Beach 2014, with areas of the city broken down by scene.
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